A New Lovaganza Announcement Reveals Reimagined Marketing

Lovaganza was originally slated for a release in 2015. PRNewswire.com recently issued a press release that stated Lovaganza’s new release would be 2020. The reason for this five year delay has to do with technology. Specifically: technological advancements have reached a point where those throwing this extravagant event realized they would be better served if they adopted some of the newer innovations. Lovaganza’s date was suspended and a new marketing design was put into play. Now, the core concept of the film–which involves a convoy–will carry over into real life. Between 2017 and 2020, three films will be sequentially released and shown across the world via traveling convoy working as a means of showcasing Lovaganza’s revolutionary new cinematic technology. IMMERSCOPE gives viewers all the magic of 3D with none of the headache induced by 3D glasses. This is made possible through a screen that is a full 180 degrees. Imagine a proscenium play with all the big-budget glamour of the finest Hollywood picture, and you’re well on your way to understanding the intended majesty of IMMERSCOPE.

Nine films have been planned so far, the first three of this trilogy of trilogies has already begun principal photography and is currently “on time”, in accordance with the way these things have been scheduled. The films on Behance.net will feature themes of adventure, love, comedy, suspense, thrills, and more. Their core values will circulate around a kind of bohemian celebration of life that includes individual cultural examination and exploration. Included in Lovaganza’s event is Bohemian celebration will be dance, music, and a waltzing cavalcade of futuristic delights designed to take residence in the mind and let the soul go for a ride.

Lovaganza will deploy simultaneously in the most populated areas of the globe. There are currently eight locations planned in six separate population areas. America, Oceania, Africa, Asia, Europe, and The Middle East will all have Lovaganza centers. Each of the events at the centers will happen simultaneously in reference to the other Lovaganza unveilings. Each will also last for four months. The centerpiece of each event will be the aforementioned IMMERSCOPE, but there will be much more to entertain the masses. Included in Lovaganza’s expositions will be technological presentations, live performances, and displays that are interactive. Think of the World’s Fairs of yesteryear upgraded with the ubiquitous technological advancements that have been seen over the last fifty years, then add in IMMERSCOPE and the picture gets clearer.

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